Yukon Magnum Bear Deterrent


Brand: pepper spray

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YUKON MAGNUM Bear Deterrent is an ideal choice for the weekend camper, hunter or hiker.

Like our PROFESSIONAL models, YUKON MAGNUM Bear Spray contains 1% Capsaicin plus related Capsaicinoids. YUKON MAGNUM Bear Spray has the same spray pattern as our PROFESSIONAL models, providing excellent range and is NON-FLAMMABLE.

  • 225g  canister with 5 seconds of spray time.
  • maximum effective range of 4 meters.
  • has orange safety top that slips off and on

Note* this product is sold as a bear repellent only, and is to be used exclusive for that purchase.  It is not the intention of the manufacturer or its agents to represent this product as 100% effective in all situations that may arise.   No warranty or representation is made as to this products ability to protect the user from any injury or death.  The purchaser cannot hold the manufacturer, seller or its agents liable for death, injury or consequent damages arising out of the use, misuse or inability to used this product. There is no guaranteed method of responding to a bear encounter, each encounter is unique.  You should educate yourself with information about bear encounters as well. There is no substitute for Common sense!

All purchasers must be 18 and older. Identification will be requested and purchasers are required to fill out and sign a form.

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