Esbit Alcohol Cookset


Brand: Esbit

There is certainly not a shortage of cook sets on the market for the camper and hiker, but I was intrigued with the Esbit Alcohol and Fuel Tab stove and Trekking Cook Set. At just under 15 oz, this set delivers everything you could need on the trail or in camp for very little cash and weight.

The Esbit CS985HA Alcohol Stove & Trekking Cook Set provides various options for cooking out on the trail. It has a 985 ml pot with a volume indicator in liter/oz. increments on the side and a 470 ml pot/pan, which also serves as a lid.

Constructed from extremely light, hard anodized aluminum, the set includes a stand that supports the pots and includes a base for Esbit solid fuel tablets and a solid brass alcohol burner. The alcohol burner is constructed from brass and allows variable temperature control. Plus it holds the denatured alcohol in it during transport.

Everything can be stored and carried in the large pot, which comes with a mesh bag and fits compactly in your backpack.


Weight: 417g/15oz
Boil Time: 2:00/3:10 min/ 1L
1-4 People
Fuel: Alcohol fuel only