Advanced Elements Airfusion Elite Kayak

$1,299.95 $999.95

Brand: Advanced Elements

The AirFusion™ Elite is designed to rival the performance and speed of skin-on-frame kayaks while simplifying the setup procedure. Its unique award winning design is a fusion of aluminum alloy frame poles and pressurized air tubes which result in a streamlined high-performance frame system. With a beam of 28” the AirFusion™ Elite is roomy, stable in rough conditions, and has a rear access hatch for easy access to under deck items. At 13’ long, with a narrow beam, the AirFusion™ Elite is a quick and nimble kayak that tracks like a rigid hard-shell.

Use: Day Touring, Expedition Touring   |   Length: 13’   |   Width: 28″   |   Product Weight: 32 LBS. (14.5 KG)   |   Max Weight: 235 LBS. (106 KG)